Technical Director

Gordon Jones

Gordon Jones Shihan: Technical Director of the Australasian Aikikai

Gordon Jones Shihan began his Aikido training in 1964 and was a founder member of the Aikikai of Great Britain (later to become the British Aikido Federation) and the United Kingdom Aikikai. He was a national coach with the BAF and represented the BAF at the IAF Congress held in Paris in 1980.

Following the formation of the U.K.A. in 1989, Gordon Jones Shihan became the Co Principal of that organisation along with the late William Smith Shihan (1929 – 2006); this was followed by his promotion to 6th Dan in 2004 by Chiba Shihan.

Sensei Jones was promoted to Shihan (Master Teacher) on Sunday 21st January 2007.

At the 2014 Kagamibiraki Celebrations in Japan (12th January) Gordon Jones Shihan was awarded 7th Dan.

Gordon Jones Shihan travels abroad regularly to teach in Serbia, Greece & Australia and is the Technical Director of the Australasia Aikikai.