Colin Hackett Shidoin: Chief Instructor Central Coast Aikikai

President of the Australasian Aikikai


Colin started Aikido in 1972 with the Aikikai of Great Britain later to become the British Aikido Federation (BAF) and later the United Kingdom Aikikai (U.K.A.)

Colin Sensei was fortunate enough to train under Chiba Sensei until his return to Japan. He has also trained under many guest instructors invited by Chiba Sensei.

Through the tutelage of Sensei William Smith (one of Chiba Sensei’s protégé) he obtained Shodan with Shibata Sensei in 1984. Nidan with Chiba Sensei and Sandan with Sensei William Smith, then being awarded Yondan in 1999 again by his mentor in England. Promoted to Shidoin (Senior Aikido Instructor) of the UKA in 2000.

In January 2010 Sensei was promoted to Godan (5th Dan), and as of January 2017, Sensei Colin was appointed to Rokdan (6th Dan) as per Hombu  traditional new year’s celebrations (kagamibiraki).

Colin formed Central Coast Aikido on his arrival to the coast in 1998 with the sole purpose of establishing an Aikido dojo with a good standard of instruction and practice on the coast that is second to none.

He has a strong interest in the weapons side of Aikido and also in the art of Sword drawing known as Iaido.

Colin is the Chief instructor of the Australasian Aikikai & also the President of the Management Committee.


Darius Wingate-Pearse Shidoin: Chief Instructor Newcastle Aikikai


Darius Wingate-Pearse has been involved in martial arts for almost 20 years, having studied, TaeKwonDo, Karate, Kung Fu, Mui Thai and Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

He has been training exclusively in Aikido for more than 10 years and is ranked fourth degree black belt (Yondan So Hombu) After training with Colin Hackett sensei for 6 years, Darius sensei studied overseas with arguably one of the best Aikido masters in the world, T.K.Chiba Shihan for 10 months, full-time, as a live-in student..

Darius has a high level of teaching experience and has taught at seminars in Australia, the UK as well as teaching in Bolivia and Peru.

Darius Sensei was awarded Shidoin by Gordon Jones Shihan at the 2010 Winter Gasshuku


Matt Teale Shidoin : Chief Instructor Adelaide Aikikai


Matt Teale (5th Dan so Hombu) started his training in 1986 at Birmingham and Aston University’s (U/K) with Chris Mooney Shihan (6th Dan) before studying full time for 1 year in the Teacher Training Course under T.K. Chiba (8th Dan) in San Diego. On returning to Europe he moved to Greece where he was one of the founders of the Hellenic Birankai, acting as its Chairman for 8 years before leaving for Adelaide.

William Haynes Shidoin

Founding Instructor Makotokan Budo


With the passing of William Haynes Sensei, Dojo Cho of Makotokan Budo at Castle Hill, some very large shoes were left to fill! Not only were members of his dojo saddened but members of the Aikido community in general felt a great loss!

The mantle at Makotokan Budo has been taken up by Sensei Tony Cox, who has stepped up to the plate, ably assisted by Sensei Christine Hendra, and Sensei Don Cleur, who are collectively making sure that the dojo will continue to flourish.

Sensei Haynes' testament

Click on the image above to read Sensei Bill’s parting words to our martial arts family.

Tony Cox: Chief Instructor, Makotokan Budo, Castle Hill

Tony Cox

Tony Cox has studied Aikido since 1994. Tony’s major Aikido influence has come from the Shonan Renmei organisation where he was a student for 8 years under the guidance of Chico Xerrie sensei. From 2002 to 2015, Tony had most ably filled the role of Assistant Instructor to Sensei Haynes at the Makotokan Dojo. Tony and his team has overseen a seamless transition whilst continuing to build on Sensei Haynes’ legacy.


Pierre Gouhier: Instructor, Lake Macquarie

pierre 2

Having been introduced to other martial arts in his youth, Pierre found his calling in Aikido at the age of 18, under the tutelage of Jean Liard Sensei (5th Dan) in Chartres, France. Pierre continued his Aikido training while studying at various universities in France. His instructors included Alfred Vatton (4th Dan), Daniel Legros (4th Dan) and Colombe Legros (5th Dan). He has attended many seminars conducted by such senseis as Christian Tissier (7th Dan), Masotomi Ikeda (7th Dan) and Frank Noel (7th Dan).

Pierre is ranked Sandan and is an asset to Newcastle Aikikai and a valuable resource for the students. He is a registered Fukushidoin (assistant instructor).

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Andrew Cronin: Instructor, Kowakan Dojo, Central Coast

Andrew has been learning Aikido from Colin Hackett Sensei (5th Dan Shidoin) on the Central Coast since 2003. He was awarded 3rd Dan in 2015 and Fukushidoin in 2013.

Andrew has travelled many times to Japan and New Zealand and also to New Caledonia, England and the United States to train in Aikido. Andrew also teaches Aikido and Iaido at the Central Coast Aikikai Niagara Park Dojo.

Andrew has a Working with Children Check and Senior First Aid Certificate.