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Iaido is a graceful practice involving the use and etiquette of the ‘katana’, or Japanese sword. It is more focused, and slower paced, than Aikido and most other martial arts.

Iaido practice promotes coordination, fitness, mental discipline and focus. There are fewer movements but they are sought to be perfected, thus it can be a meditative exercise, which takes great concentration.

Iaido focuses on attention to the smallest detail in a meditative state of mind. Apart from developing a heightened awareness of one’s own body movement, it also trains the body/mind to be more grounded, calm but also able to express explosive energy.

The iaito is a metal sword used for Iaido (or iai-battoho) training. Iaido is a separate martial art in its own right but it is complementary to Aikido practice. It is the art of drawing the sword from the scabbard (saya), cutting and then re-sheathing it.

O’sensei sent Chiba Sensei to study Iaido as a young man and he has continued to teach it in parallel with his Aikido. Through the years, he adapted its training to become conditioning for Aikido and developed a number of exercises to bring them together as one system.

The style of Iaido practised include Batto-ho, as well as some classes in Musō Shinden-ryū, Shindō Munen-ryū and Komei Juku Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryū (M.J.E.R) Iaijutsu.