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Previous Events

Ukemi Clinic
30 July 2023
Erina, NSW

Taizenkan Aikido invites aikido kids, judo kids and brand new beginners to an ukemi clinic. Improve your ukemi, work on your breakfalls, and learn how to fall safely in contact sports

Sunday 30th July, 9-11am

Open Training Seminar
29th & 30th July, 2023
Brisbane, NSW

Brisbane Aikikai is delighted to announce the return to Brisbane of Matt Teale Sensei, 6th Dan, of Aikido Adelaide. Please join us for another great weekend of training and friendship. All welcome.

Registation and event details here

Piotr Masztalerz Seminar
27th & 28th May, 2023
Newcastle, NSW

The Australasian Aikikai is proud to host Piotr Masztalerz Sensei (6th Dan), Chief Instructor of Wrocław Aikikai for a two day Seminar, 27-28th May 2023, at NUsport at The Forum, Newcastle, NSW. See the event details page or register online.